Our Approach

POP is here from and for the community.

People Over Pipelines is a grassroots organization that seeks to stop the proliferation of harmful natural gas pipeline projects in New Jersey, specifically the Southern Reliability Link, through litigation, political activism, and education. We are very supportive in promoting clean energy and the jobs it brings. We consider it very important to educate the public. about current projects that affect our community as well as fossil fuel and renewable sources of energy in general. Our organization also participates in legal actions against entities both corporate and governmental that threaten our environment. We strongly encourage our members to support and participate in actions with other NGO groups as well as communities that are threatened by proposed fossil fuel infrastructure. High pressure gas pipelines are in the planning stages everywhere and the fight we are waging will help set a precedent to help other communities successfully stop this from happening elsewhere. This is a heavy lift but one we are determined to win. We have engaged environmental legal help and as a grassroots organization with limited funding we need help. Please consider donating to our cause and share with your friends as it could be your community that is faced with this atrocity next.

Our Story

Who  is POP?

Meet the grassroots activist who have fought for our communities and the earth.


Agnes Marsala


As president Agnes has led People Over Pipelines since its founding in 2015. A resident of Chesterfield for over 14 years, while running for township committee she was involved in a near-fatal auto accident. POP kept up the battle while Agnes took some time to heal from her injuries but now she’s back and ready to fight! Agnes has a 30 plus year background in multi-media and social media production.

patti 3

Patti Caruso

Vice President

A founding member of both Responsible-Pipeline and POP, Patti has been on the front lines in the fight to protect our water and air. Patti has a long career in education and psychology, as well as raising three fine sons, she brings her valuable and varied perspectives to the fight against the SRL!



Vikki Bell


Vikki has been a member of People Over Pipelines since early 2017, and stepped into the role of Treasurer not long afterwards to marry her love of numbers with her love of nature. She is dedicated to protecting the environment through local political actions and grassroots activism, and is proud to continue in the fight to stop the SRL.

rita 3

Rita Romeu


Rita, a founding member and former Vice President of POP,  proudly serves as Mayor Emeritus of Chesterfield Township. POP benefits from Rita’s experience and energy. Dr. Romeu has been a resident of Chesterfield for 23 years.  She enjoys bicycling, kayaking and hiking around New Jersey, especially in the Pinelands.


Jane Frantz


Jane has long been active in the community, especially in environmental issues.

In 2015, her concern about the Transco Chesterfield Compressor Station and Southern Reliability Pipeline brought her to People Over Pipelines. A resident of Bordentown City for 15 years, Jane currently serves on the Bordentown City Planning Board.


Jean Kovath


A resident of Upper Freehold Township, Jean started the Responsible Pipelines group when NJNG proposed moving the route from the middle of Freehold proper to Province Line Road. She soon expanded her fight to the GSE Compressor Station and so helped merge Responsible Pipelines with People Over Pipelines. Jean loves to quilt.


John Kocubinski


John has long been a public servant in North Hanover as well as throughout the state. He currently serves on the North Hanover Township Committee as well as the NJ State Agricultural Board. With a background in agriculture, John understands the need to protect the Pinelands and the clean water it provides.


Ralph Ruocco


A resident of North Hanover, it was Ralph who first brought the spectra of the Southern Reliability Link to the attention of the township committee. He has been fighting ever since!


Ray Ostrowski


Ray is a lifetime resident of North Hanover. Playing in the woods and streams as a child he still deeply enjoys natural surroundings. Ray is facilities manager of a local organic farm and has a great appreciation for the natural resources of his hometown. This  genuine respect for the land led Ray to the fight against the SRL.  


Barbara Fox-Cooper


Barbara was a founding member of Responsible Pipelines and People Over Pipelines and helped sound the alarm on the dangers of the SRL. Her diverse background brings together a mix of disciples in business management in the government and private sector combined with a following as an artist, energy healing practitioner and soon-to-be published author. Her home sits on a quiet, rural NJ landscape certified as a natural wildlife refuge. The mother of three grown children, she is an avid naturalist and fights for the protection of the woodlands and wildlife she cherishes.

Barbara is reducing her activities with POP. We wish her well in all her endeavors.


Can you help?

Every little bit helps. Can you chip in to make this effort a success?